Technical Committee

The EJMA® Technical Committee is dedicated to continuously improving the utility and technical content of the Standards. Suggestions and comments from industry users are welcomed and should be forwarded to the Secretary of this Association in writing.

  • Inaki Bel
  • Stefano Brambilla
  • YoungEel Cho
  • Diego Concheiro
  • Jesper Dam
  • Eric Davis
  • Jeffrey DePiero
  • John Hagan
  • Nelson Kavanagh
  • Eric Maser
  • Yuhua Niu
  • Marc Seckner
  • Jose Silva-Rivas
  • Zoltan Takarich
  • Steve Thomas

Every member organization is entitled to one nominee on the technical committee. The nominees usually have Mechanical Engineering degrees and extensive experience in the design, calculation and manufacturing of expansion joints.